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Development of developer portfolio just got easier.

Development of developer portfolio just got easier.

Development of portfolio, just got easier β€Όβ€ΌπŸ‘Œ.

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Β·May 24, 2022Β·

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Table of contents

  • The Problem. πŸš€
  • The Solution ✨
  • Getting Started. πŸ”₯
  • Steps
  • Results. ✨

The Problem. πŸš€

Am not really the type who loves building portfolio sites , infact I hate it to be sincere. That why I try as much as possible to organize my github profile, but with all the effort made , when applying for a tech job, companies still ask for your personal portfolio site. This really lead to the development of a unique tool mentioned below.

Solving a problem which all developers sometimes get frustrated with. It all begin on the day I tried signing up on a platform called YCombinator so my SaaS startup would be able to get funding's from investors ( either VC or Angelist ).

In the process of signing up, I was asked to submit my portfolio site link address which I dont have at that moment. This made me postponed the signup. Not just that, Having to apply for some tech jobs required me to add a portfolio sites. This made me get rejections from this companies. Then I taught to myself, what if I could just generate a unique, intuitive and flexible #portfolio sites right from my github profile using just a single command from the terminal? Well, I guess that "what if" just came into reality.

Common 😎, who doesn't love to be in a fancy terminal, of course we all do, and that what lead to the development of this application called BaayMax 1.0.

The Solution ✨

Since I have the fatigue of building personal portfolio sites, I wanna develop a tool which allows me any where, at any given time to generate one and customize it to my likings. The main aim of this CLI app is just to ease the flow of developing personal portfolio site with ease using your github username.

Getting Started. πŸ”₯

Firstly, checkout live version

This is'nt going to be the next big thing ever made, in fact, there are tools out there which does the same feature better than mine. But when you develop a tool or product which you're proud of and others are too, not just any how tool, but a tool which solves a specific problem in a unique way, that the feeling of been a Developer. So without further or do, let start.

Before we begin, watch the video below just to get the right feeling about this product.

Introduction ❀

Introducing BaayMax 1.0 A tool which is made specifically for Developers having a github account. All you need is just one command, and you are on set.


Step 1

Install the nodejs cli app globally on your pc using either yarn or npm:

     npm install -g baaymax

Once installed, check by typing the command below:


If installed correctly, the below image should get printed within your Terminal.

Step 2

Start the process of generating your portfolio template using the command below.

baaymax --init <portfolio-name>

Follow the steps and instructions completely from this baaymax documentation.

If you encountered and error, dont hesitate to give an issue within the github profile or reach me on Twitter

Results. ✨

If all were done and follow correctly as prompted by the CLI app and Documentation, you should have the following results below πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


And that it folks, if you've came all this way through, it means you must really be interested in this mini app and I appreciate your kind effort made.

Dont for get to visit the link below:

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